So, as it turns out: my iMac is a spiritual teacher.

Well, I didn’t see that coming.

Wait, let me give you some context.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling stuck. Reeeeal stuck. The kind of stuck you feel where you want to pack it all in, and open a cat sanctuary (feel free to substitute the word ‘cat’ for whatever you’re comfortable with).

I wanted to do/make/say something awesome, but I was uninspired. (OR…I was so inspired that my brain just shut down at the thought of trying to unravel it all – I’m not entirely sure).

Either way, I was stuck. And I was frustrated. I was frustrated at the irony that just when I’m inspired to do/make/say something awesome, I find myself drained of inspiration. Like a petulant toddler, I wailed (silently) to the clouds: Universe…are you kidding me?

So, back to my iMac being a spiritual teacher.

About a week later, I was awake at an ungodly hour, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I knew my husband would be getting up for work shortly (poor guy), and Poppy would do her customary let’s-jump-on-mummy-to-wake-her-up routine within the hour. So, I padded across the landing into my office, and opened the window so I could hear the birds doing their thing (love that time of the morning).

After a week or so of the whole inspired/uninspired torture, I don’t know what I was expecting. But I figured if I could just sit there, in the peace of the morning, something might just come at me out of the blue to jolt me back into being a useful human being again.

And there it was.

With bleary eyes, I read the words on the screen:

“Your connection was interrupted”.

At first, I nearly overlooked this pixel-generated bombshell as a yeah yeah…so what’s new?

And then I read it again. My connection was interrupted.

Wow. My iMac was RIGHT. My connection HAD been interrupted.

I’d been so busy wallowing in the fact that I was seemingly void of anything useful to contribute to the world, that I’d forgotten to do the one thing that I know steers me back to where I should be spending my energy:

Reconnecting with my Archetypal Blend.

When the connection has been interrupted between my heart and my Alchemist and Sage, I feel it deeply. I feel confused. I spend my time on things that don’t serve me (or anyone else). I make poor decisions. I do things that are out of character. I say ‘yes’ when I should say ‘no’. I invest in things I don’t need (Sage wants to figure it out, Alchemist whispers ‘trust your intution‘, Sage wins, another course I won’t finish).

If you already know your Archetypal Blend, it’s simply a case of awareness. Awareness takes practice, and persistence. (Listen, I’ve been running my business from a place of archetypal authenticity for four years, and seemingly even I still have to rely on my iMac to get me out of a hole).

If you don’t know your Archetypal Blend, I’ve made it super-easy for you to find out (in the pay-what-you-can Initiation Kit, which you’ll find here). The test to discover your Secondary Archetype is your first step.

When you’re next feeling not-so-great in your business, ask yourself where you’ve been disconnected from your Blend.

Which of your archetypes is out of sync – your Primary, or your Secondary Archetype?

Are you thinking through one archetype, when you know your inspiration flows from the other?

Which of your archetypes has the ability to get you moving again (both literally and energetically), and what can you do to re-connect with it?

Today, I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below. Come and tell me your Archetypal Blend, and a recent example of where you’ve been disconnected from it. What did you do to re-connect? How did that feel? What flowed from your experience?

(Or, for extra bonus points, come and tell me what you substituted the word ‘cat’, for. I’m genuinely interested to know).


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