I would pawn you my watch,

I would pawn you my chain,

I would pawn you this golden diamond ring.

‘Cause I need it so bad, I would give you everything

Just so I could start my life over again.

~ Alicia Keys

For many of us, this is a time of year when we can be excited about our businesses.

The promise of a new year is a tantalising mix of possibility, and big dreams. A time for audacious plans, and investigating what’s out there on our horizons.

All around us, we can see others making their plans. Choosing a theme for the year. Writing out goal cards.

But what if…

…all you feel when it comes to your business is trapped, and confused?

…you’re too consumed by overwhelm to dream a bigger dream?

…the thought of spending another year feeling dread opening up your inbox is just too much to even think about right now?

If you’re feeling pretty confident about where you’re at in your business right now, that’s awesome. You’re in a good place, friend – grab it by the you-know-whats, and run like the wind.

If you’re in the ‘trapped and confused’ camp though, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that as much as it sucks – it’s ok.

The thing is – there’s no point in pushing something you just can’t – and don’t – believe in.

Trying to convince yourself that it’s ‘just teething pains’ (like I did) does nothing other than delay the inevitable.

I remember the relief I felt this time three years ago when I gave myself permission to press the RESET button. I was trapped inside my business, and it was making me miserable. I’d denied it for so long (mainly because I was worried about admitting to my family that I’d gotten it all wrong, and it hadn’t even been a year yet). I was so consumed by doing things the ‘right’ way (or the most ‘effective’ way), that I’d lost myself in the process. And I was paying for it. Daily.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s still hard. But now, the frustration is balanced by a feeling of fulfilment. I still have days where I wonder why I think I can even do this, but it’s a kind of frustration that’s short-lived. I know that underneath it all, the foundation is solid. And it makes me happy.

Pressing the reset button doesn’t mean defeat. Quite the opposite. Pressing the reset button means accepting responsibility for where you’re at, and taking the first step towards building something that tugs at your heart strings.

[bctt tweet=”Pressing the reset button means accepting responsibility, not defeat.”]

It might be total, or it might be partial.

You might want to reset certain areas of your business (such as what you offer, or who you offer it to), or you might wanna rip the whole thing down, and start over.

If your heart is calling you to do it, do it.

  1. Decide you’re wiping the slate clean for a fresh start.
  2. Decide what (if anything) stays, and what’s out for good.
  3. Ground yourself in your Primary Archetype (or your Archetypal Blend if you know it), and look for clues as to where you’ve been misaligned, and why.

Either way – follow your heart.

You might just be surprised what you find when the dust settles.

C xo